Messier 20, The Trifid Nebula
The Trifid Nebula, also called M20 or NGC 6514, is an H2 region in the constellation Sagittarius.  Like many H2 regions, it is a star-forming region.  It is located in our own Milky Way galaxy.  It has already birthed a massive star that is about 20 times the mass of our sun and is surrounded by some 3000 other stars.  In January of 2005, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope discovered 30 embryonic stars and 120 newborn stars not yet seen in visible light.  The Trifid Nebula is about 5000 light years away from Earth, and so it is very possible that other infant stars have turned on their nuclear fusion, but whose light has not yet reached us.  The dark lanes of material are called dark nebula that blocks more light from penetrating its material.
Optics: RC Optical System 20" F/8.2 (4165.6 mm Focal Length) Date: July - Oct 2015
Camera: SBIG STXL-11000 with Adaptive Optics Location: Columbus, Texas
Exposure: LRGB = 270:100:60:100 minutes Imager: Kent E. Biggs