The Property in Columbus, Texas
Conditions at Observatory


The Biggs Observatory is located on 20 acres of tree covered property in between Houston and San Antonio.  The location was chosen for two reasons.  First its about as free of light pollution as one can achieve in Southeast Texas, and second, it is located near the Houston Astronomical Society Observatory site, a society dedicated to the management of light pollution in that area.  The observatory is the realization of a dream I have had for over 10 years.  I spent the year prior to building the observatory, planning and designing every square inch before ordering the dome and building the base.  I built the base modularly in my garage in Houston, and transferred it to the property in sections.  The Dome is a fiberglass dome by Home Dome.  The base is made of 2-by-4s and 3/8" paneling.  The foundation and pier base is about 5 cubic yards of concrete.  I owe a HUGE "Thanks" to my parents, Nancy and Jack, and my cousin, Mike, for flying all the way from Illinois in March 2002 to help me pour the concrete and assemble the dome components during the 3 coldest days of that winter.  I'll never forget their non-stoppable attitude in spite of the several challenges that kept popping up during construction.

More Photos of the Observatory: